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Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
that rami and iraq, which really gave us a sense of how the syrians are really responding in positive ways to the document, there were many activists thinking about these issues and did not always have the answer and they were expecting to find some of the recommendations were making. they had some reservations about even the work is toric. they said they like very much the concept and idea behind it, but they did not want to see the word history because that would give syrians a sense that these were dated violation, that they were somewhat historical issues, that they wanted a word, he turned that we will look into, they wanted a turn that actually expressed relevance and even they would be treated as fresh violations because they were never dealt with. we are hoping to create a framework in which all violations will be heard and would be a process of documenting and verification for evidence. they were not great and how mock and the national prison, where many were buried without being identified. so that has to be handled. if you look at the document can define specific recommenda
Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
five. the results are fantastic and it's enabled us to grow over the last six or seven years since the great recession happened because they are clear, demonstrative, showing when kids start the program are certain levels and end a year later have made strides in lebanon, doubling the number of kids in almost 70% of the kids are showing statistically relevant changes in reading skills, which is a fantastic number given the number of kids entering the program not prepared to learn. bruce mentioned the status of kids in this country today. 60 million kids, almost 22% living in poverty. for those kids under the age of five, the poverty race or worse. most 25% of the kids under the age of five are living in poverty and for many of those kids, they're living in extreme poverty. as many of you know, but i think it's worth repeating to the price, those first five years of life are crucial. most 90% of brain growth happens in those first five years of life. senator dodd just mentioned, are almost flat until the kid enters kindergarten. when you show the church of businessmen and women are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2